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Working as a brands incubator, Nature & Expression accompanies brands in their development with taste and efficiency.

Our expertise: brand booster.
Our convictions: promoting goodness, organic, beauty and well-being.
Our method: a tailor-made and personalized accompaniment.

From production to savouring, we counsel our culinary gems and partners in marketing, procurement & suppy chain, trade and communication.



Core Values

Brand Booster, Culinary Gems Explorer & Bio Addict

Nature & Expression, it is first and foremost a human adventure: a serie of encounters through the world – meeting passionate men and women with vibrant stories; a taste for beautiful things, for genuine skills & savoir-faire, and for organic products. It is also the will of working closely with those who develop those delicate products, to help them grow and get known.

Since 2012, Nature & Expression supports some pretty brands in their development, in a co-construction approach. Like a consulting agency, we dedicate ourselves to embody the whole identity of those brands, to empower their history, their values and their commitments to our customers.

Key figures



Culinary Gems


Innovation, responsible approach, sustainable commitment to organic farming and fair practices, benevolent management…

The history of every brand we support resonates with our own values ​​and commitments. That is why we gather in synergy and complementarity those « culinary gems », in which we strongly believe. From stories we admire to products we are fond of, each brand echoes who we are and what we want to share with the world.

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